致詞人:教育部文化參事 張善楠博士



A Joint Noble Course: the ETS TOEIC Taiwan Scholarship Program

Remark by Dr. Shannan Chang, Cultural Counselor of the Ministry of Education


It’s my great pleasure to be in this important and meaningful event. It’s important because the ETS, the most influential English learning promotion company, decides to give a total of fifty thousands US dollar scholarship a year to Taiwan high school, college, and graduate school students, to encourage more Taiwan young people to perform better in their English abilities. It’s meaningful because the criteria the ETS has set for the scholarship including not only their scores, but also their willingness to serve for others. For so many years, the Ministry of Education has been striving to teach our youth to become an active and productive member in this increasingly global village, which requires s good command on English communication skill, a global perspective, and a heart to serve for all mankind. We are pleased to see the ETS join hands with the MOE in promoting this noble course.


On behalf of Minister of Education Dr, Wu, Ching-ji, I would like to thank Mr. ZoubirYazid, Managing Director of ETS Global, for your generous and gracious support to Taiwan students. Our appreciation also goes to President Shao, General Manager Mr. Wang, and Vice Manager Mr. Nin, without your diligent work this event would not be possible. We would also like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Pai-Po Lee, the Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund, and Dr. Lin Jiun-Ting, the Secretary General of the Third Sector Fund, for both institutions have been so dedicated to promote the same noble course over the years.


Since inaugurated in September last year, Minister Wu has stressed that the Ministry of Education “will work hard with both government and society to create a well-rounded education environment, so that students at all levels can learn and develop in every aspect and become competitive citizens in the global village.” English learning is certainly an integral part of this endeavor. I hope that students in Taiwan will make the most of this generous offering by studying harder and caring more for others.






致詞人:教育部文化參事 張善楠博士


很高興能參與這個重要而別具意義的場合,之所以重要,是因為ETS(Educational Testing Service)這個最具影響力的英語學習推廣機構,已決定在今年提撥美金5萬元的獎學金,提供給台灣的高中、大學、研究所學生,藉以鼓勵更多台灣的年輕學子提升自我英語文能力;而之所以別具意義,是因為ETS所設置的這項獎學金計畫,不僅要求申請者須具備應有的英語文成績,也須具備為他人服務的精神。多年來,教育部一直致力於培養青年學子成為積極且具生產力的地球村公民,在這迅速全球化的環境下,地球村公民必須具備良好的英語溝通力、全球化視野,以及為全人類奉獻的心。我們很榮幸看見ETS與教育部為這種具有崇高意義教育活動而共同努力。


謹代表教育部吳清基博士,向ETS全球部的執行長Zoubir Yazid博士致謝,感謝貴單位對台灣學生的慷慨與親切支持,同時也感謝邵董事長、王總經理,及甯副總經理,若非您們的殷勤付出,這個計畫將難以實現;也十分感謝國際合作發展基金會副秘書長李栢浡博士,以及財團法人第三部門基金會秘書長林俊廷博士,感謝這兩大基金會長期以來致力於推廣許多其他具相同意義的獎學金計畫。