1. Tips
廣播資訊題:在賣場的廣播中,內容常涵蓋賣場名稱(Forest Green Mall)、賣場設施(如shops, movie theaters, food court)、限時搶購、尋人(物)啟示、打烊通知等。



2. Example
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grand opening of Forest Green Mall. We’re sure you’ll find something here for every member of the family. In addition to over 200 shops, there are two movie theaters, a food court and two play areas for children.(全文請見題解)Where is this announcement being made?(此段廣播是在哪裡說的?)
a ) At a shopping center(在購物中心)
b ) In an airport(在機場)
c ) At a theme park(在主題公園)
d ) In a hotel(在飯店)



3. Analysis
(1)Information Focus
本文的重點是「廣播的地點」,從文中的關鍵字 mall(購物中心)、shop(商店)、movie theater(電影院)、food court(美食街)、play area(遊戲區)得知廣播地點是大賣場。

(2)Language Skills
a. 其他字彙:grand opening(盛大開幕)、In addition to(除此之外)。
b. 介紹商場設施常使用「附加式」的句法,如 in addition to + 事物1, there are 事物2,事物3, and 事物4。



4. Exercises
What should people do if they lose a child?
a ) Go to one of the information booths.
b ) Go to the security office.
c ) Go to the children’s play area.
d ) Call the police.

What is the advantage of being a card member?
a ) One can get a 20-percent discount.
b ) Purchased products are guaranteed for three years.
c ) One can get a longer warranty.
d ) One can get a free gift.

What is true about DVDs sold there?
a ) They are all discounted.
b ) One may win a TV if one buys a DVD.
c ) Only the latest titles are discounted.
d ) One gets an extra DVD if one purchases two other DVDs.



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